Unique Spaces

Thoughtful design increases community impact

Since its inception, Interlochen Public Library has successfully cultivated a culture that crosses the community’s socio-economic and demographic boundaries. Described by all who enter the library’s doors as “warm, helpful, and friendly,” the IPL staff works to ensure the quality of each patron’s experience. Design elements, such as the following, contribute to an environment where all ages feel equally at home:

  • Integration with the Green Lake Township and Village of Interlochen master plans.
  • An exterior esthetic reflective of the area’s “camp” history.
  • A warm and welcoming design welcoming motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians traveling on M-137.
  • A site plan consistent with the establishment of a “Village Center” designed to serve as a catalyst for future development.
  • Wired for the 21st century, the new library will feature information technology and media storage consistent with the needs of today’s patrons.
  • Environmentally sensitive construction and incorporation of sustainable building and landscaping features.
  • A mix of private, common, and community space designed to meet the multiple uses of area residents including the following:
    • A fireplace with comfortable seating – a place for people to meet, exchange ideas, and read.
    • Large children’s area designed for age-appropriate entertainment and educational offerings.
    • Dedicated teen space separated from the commons by glass, so teens can be teens – noisy and interactive, but supervised.
    • Large Friends of the IPL room adjacent to the lobby to facilitate book sales and other community fundraising efforts.
    • Conference room off the lobby for easy access by community members.
    • Outdoor reading deck.
    • A large community room for events and larger gatherings.