Why a New Library?

The $2.5 million New Building Campaign transcends property and structure. It is an investment in people and place. It is the key to growing our community’s future.

After three decades of dramatic growth, Interlochen Public Library (IPL) is poised to spark a re-birth for the village of Interlochen. The new library will offer improved accessibility, advanced information technology, and a community-centric environment. In turn, these assets will help foster socio-economic gains for the growing population southwest of Traverse City. As the cornerstone of a town center envisioned through smart growth planning, the library and its dedicated community space will  provide the impetus for new development.

The Primary Drivers

  1. Utilization demands continue to rise as the area’s population growth rate outpaces most in the state – notably among young families.*
  2. Repairs, replacement, and maintenance costs – along with unalterable physical constraints – will continue to place an undue burden on the financial health of the library, limiting expansion of services to the community. (read more)
  3. Interlochen Public Library’s current location excludes it from becoming a part of the village’s smart growth plan.
*U.S. Census 2000-2010