A commitment to our community’s future

Thanks to the generous donors listed below, the new Interlochen Public Library will open in 2018. It is never too late to join our growing community of supporters. Each gift contributes to our goal of creating a 21st Century Library and growing our community’s future.

Our generous donors

The donor list below is updated monthly. The campaign is dedicated to recognition and accuracy. If you note the need for a change, please contact
AAA Service Network, Inc.
Maryellen Ackroyd
Air Systems, Inc.
All Rooter, Inc.
Allen B. Cutting Foundation
Allen Foundation, Inc.
Lewis and Anna Allendorph
Fred and Helen Altman
Joseph Ambrosi
Bill and Emily Anderson
Carl and Judith Anderson
Lana Andersen
Jenna Atwood and Kevin Tarczon
The Awesome Mitten
Roy and June Aydelotte
Jan Bachman
Duane and Nancy Barber
Jonathan and Barbara Barnes
Charles Barr
Rick and Mary Bartling
Jerry Beasley and Fleda Brown
Jeffrey and Kellie Beaton
Alice Beeker
David and Brenda Bell
Geri Bell
Otto and Kathy Belovich
Frederick and Nancy Bennett
Gail Benson
Terry and Rayma Berden
Rene Bernardi
Les & Anne Biederman Foundation
David Bieganowski
Paul Biondo
Linda Blakkan & Timothy Esser
Brigette Blanke
Blarney Castle Oil Company
Blooming Lotus Yoga & Wellness Center
Bloxsom Roofing & Siding Company
Carolyn Boger
Tom and Sue Bohnhorst
David and Roberta Bolig
Robert and Shirley Bondy
Boone’s Long Lake Inn
Kathy Booth
Nick Boudjalis
Bouwman Realty Group
Ellen Bowden
Roseanne Jamrok Bowman
Emily Boyd
Rick and Marcia Boynton
George and Lynn Brant
Duane and Jan Brege
Dr. James Dalley and Lois Brennan
Duane and Nancy Brethauer
Timothy and Dianne Brian
Daniel and Ellen Briggs
Willa Brintnall
Joseph and Elise Brooks
Leland and Ann Brooks
Carl Brownell
Jeffrey and Kathleen Bruggeman
Marilyn and Fred Brunas
Donna Brunsma
The Buck Stop
Robert Buckner
Bud’s of Interlochen
Cass and Diane Budzynowsk
Marvin and Marilyn Burdinie
Barbara Gonzales Burnett
Cindy Burns
James and Denise Burrows
Robert Buryta
Clarence and Marian Busboom
Patrick and Jane Bush
Betty Bush
Marianne Carlson
Randy and Sue Carpenter
Oral and Patricia Carper
Louis Carter
Neil and Mary Carter
John and Luna Casaccio
Angela Catania
Thomas Catania
Philip and Barbara Chapman
Stephen and Jeannine Chapman
The Chemical Bank Foundation
Chemical Bank, Interlochen Branch
Cherryland Electric Cooperative (Cherryland Cares)
David Coppock
Cornerstone Architects, John Dancer, AIA
James and Jane Childers
The Church Family
Cicero’s Pizza
Frederick and Sandra Clemens
Paul and Maxine Cleveland
Sara Cockrell
Marge Colburn
Joe and Rose Coleman
Jane and Charles Collier
David and Christine Combs
Consumers Energy Foundation
Audrey and William Cook
Jack and Barbara Cooper
Edward & Katherine Lawrence-Copp
Jim and Carol Coppock
Patricia Corning
Lucy Couturier
Jill Coverdill
Tom Crampton
Linnie Cross
Beth Croswell
Bill and Dorie Curry
Joan Cutting
Louis and Mary Czubak
Rick and Kate Dahlstrom
Patricia Daisy
Dr. James Dalley and Lois Brennan
Lina Dean
Portia Dean
Alice and Jerry Deck
Johnny and Deborah Demsick
Mike and Amy Devanney
Jerald and Carol DeVries
Donald and Cathy Dierkes
Daryl and Cheryl Dinger
Robert Domroso
Meghan Donati 
The Alden & Vada Dow Family Foundations
Ed and Joyce Downing
Phillip Downs and Vicki Carpenter
Linda Drake
Bryce and Paula Dreeszen
Jack and Lois Driscoll
Stephen and Carola Drosdeck
Jon and Amber Dunn
Melissa Dunn
Richard Duter
Jeanne Dzik
Roger and Cheryl Edgren
Sue Egelus
Barbara Emerick
James Emison
Lora Endres
Dr. Kenneth and Karen Eshelman
Mary Anne Ettawageshik
Jessica Eubanks
Becky Ewing
EZ Storage of Interlochen
Tom Fabatz
Bruce and Julie Falconer
Jerry and Kay Fellinger
Virginia Fiegel
Eric Fischer
Roy and Barbara Fitzgerald
Walter and Karen Flamont
Amy Fontaine and Ahmet Kok
Ford Insurance Agency
Fox Grand Traverse
Janet Franklin
Jeff and Jane Franklin
Roger and Elaine Frase
Bill and Sue Frederick
Jim and Sally Friend
Jon Friley
Mary Ann Fouch
Beverly and Mark Gabor
Alton and Andrea Galloup
The John Galnares Family Foundation
Martha Garber
Edward and Susan Gardner
Ray and Joan Gardner
Marge and Mark Gatzke
Robert and Elisabeth Geraghty
Tom and Diane Geraghty
The Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
Joseph Giacobbi
Ron Gianola & Pam Yee
Michael Glasser
Ray Gleespen
Mary Frye and Frederick Gnich
Mark and Alison Goethe
Mary Gonder
John and Wanda Gonzales
Gordon Food Service
William Gordon
Elizabeth and James Gourley
Peg Gove
Charles and Shirley Graham
Fred and Kay Graham
Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation
Grand Traverse Woman
George and Catherine Granlund
Bonny Grant
Casper and Carolyn Grathwohl
Nancy Green
Green Lake & Duck Lake Association
Green Lake Gardens & Goods
Dr. Donn and Marsha Gresso
Doug Griese
Annette Grossi
Richard and Nancy Grote
Paul Grunberger and Charlotte Knoll
Bill and Grace Guarisco
Dan and Judi Guith
Cindy Guba
Jacquelyn Gwyn
Lee Ellen Gwyn
Hair PhD
Hairold’s Hair Design
Dick and Carol Halsey
Ralph and Marietta Hamady
Fritz Hambly
Helen Hankins
Christian Hansen and Licia Raymond
Hardline Corporation
Jane Hardwicke
Richard Harmon
Rose Harrand
Sandra Harrand
Haus of Sauna
Haven’s Interlochen Party Store
Paul and Ruth Haye
James & Catherine Haveman Family Foundation
Pam Hebert
Jerry Heiman
Bill and Liz Hemming
Thomas and Pamela Hennen
Christine Herzfeld
Peter and Barbara Hess
Christine Hicks
William and Deborah Hicks
Jan and Gary Hilewsky
Chris and Renee Hintz
Dirk and Linda Hitchcock
Scott and Debbie Hocking
Hofbrau Steakhouse & American Grille
Kenneth & Mara Hofmeyer
David and Joan Holland
Gary Holt
Melvin and Marlene Hopp
Brian and Debie Horn
Eric and Jessie Houghton
Howell Motor and Pump Inc.
Kurt and Tammy Hubschneider
Bill Hutchinson and Georgia Suzuki
Students of the Interlochen Community School
Interlochen Eagles #3503
Interlochen Public Library Board of Trustees
Interlochen Self Storage
Interlochen VFW Post 7493
Interlochen Woman’s Club
Anita Jackowski
Gerard Jackowski
Dr. Mark and Deb Jackson
George and Karen Jakubas
Timothy and Cynthia Smith Jans
Charles and Marian Jessup
Dean Jewett
Hope Johns
Johnson Outdoors
Barb Johnson
David and Kathy Johnson
Nancy and Carl Johnson
Joseph Jones
Richard and Linda Jorgensen
Just Trucks, Inc.
David and Elaine Kanski
Hugo Karle
Karlin Inn
Renee and Dan Kelchak
Mike and Lori Kelley
Karen Kennedy
Karen Kerwin
Patrick Kessel & Barb Gordon-Kessel
Jeffrey and Julie Kimpton
Liz Sayre King
William and Danielle Kinney
Klabunde Family
Susan Kline
Lise Kolinski
Don and Fippy Komrska
Michael and Judy Koster
Lois Kowalsky
Albert and Christina Kozar
Anthony Kozar and Elizabeth Mather
John and Chelsea Kropp
Ken and Catherine Kubesh
Robert and Kelley Kuhn
Joyce Labiner
Scott and Theresa La Duke
Susan Laing
Lois Lamb
Marie Lamothe
Wayne and Shirley Lanckton
Landscape Management
Ann and Robert Lange
Gail Lanphear
Mary La Palme
Nels and Patricia Larson
Larry and Daisey Laskiewicz
Gregg and Susan Latterman
Joey Latterman
Gordon and Maryln Lawrence
Hazel Lawrence
Elizabeth Leden
Ronald and Geraldine Lenzi
Leslie and Mary Leone
Walter and Leslie Liebler
Lions Club of Traverse City
Dr. Barry and Linda Lishawa
Lochenwind, LLC
Elma Long
Ruth Long
Robert and Joelle Lowing
Lueck Construction & Remodeling
Andrew and Joyce Lundberg
Barbara Lundberg
Stephanie Lynn
Ma Me Ne Sewong Garden Club
John and Harriett MacDonald
Lynne Maher
Dr. F. Michael & Gwendoline Maisch
Selinda Mandarano
Francia Mann
Gary and Toni Manning
William and Mary Mannion
John and Meg Manuel
Andrew Marek
Jerry and Karen Marek
Joeseph and Nancy Marek
Ken and Jo Marks
Janet Marshall
John Marshall
Lee and Judy Martin
Emil and Barbara Martinec
Wendy Masterson
Kathleen Mattson
David and Julie Maxson
Brian McAllister & Laurie Bouwman
Sean McAllister
Thomas and Linda McCarthy
Allen and Sylvia McCullough
John and Donna McDermott
Patrick McDonald
Jim and Vicky McDonnell
Terry and Carol Paine McGovern
Frank and Carol McGregor
Patrick and Keiko McKay
Ruth McKelvey
Jayne McPhilimy
Robert and Judy McQuilkin
Russell Mehlberg, Jr. and Patricia Fischer
John & Mary Melvin
Brenda Jean Merkey and John Patterson
Dave and Fran Merrell
Ronald and Sue Messner
Carolyn Metzger
Linnette Middlesworth
Frank Miller
Gerry and Kathleen Miller
M.E. Miller
Albert and Diane Minicucci
Rick and Bonnie Mizell
Raymond and Susan Moore
Lance and Helen Morgan
Riley and Sara Morgan
Verlin and Beth Morningstar
Brian and Tracy Morris
Janet Morris
Lee and Katherine Morris
Paul and Nancy Morris
Andrew and Clare Morrison
Patricia Morrow
Robbie Mowry
Lee Muehlmann and Sarah Thompson
Dr. Jerome Mueller
Anthony and Beth Mulac
James and Judy Munsie
William and Cathleen Murgan
Annie Murphy
Richard and Shirley Murray
Kathryn Long Myers
Kevin Nagy and Dr. Debra Lewis
Susan Napolitano
MaryEllen Newport
Paula Nichols
Margaret Nielsen
Northern Vision Eye Care, P.C.
Northwood Animal Hospital
John and Elaine Novak
John and Sandra Nuske
Nurturing Steps Wellness Massage
Mary and Andrew Ocko
Rudy and Verta Odziana
Jody Olsen
Gail Parsons
John Pate
Theodore and Charlotte Pavilanis
Mark Payne and Mary Mueller
Cynthia Pekkala
Penn Loch Colony Association
David and Beth Pennington
Paul and Autumn Pepera
Luigi and Jill Persichetti
Carol Peschke
Dean Peterson
Kristy Phillips & Justin Pieske
Robert and Donna Pierson
Clifford and Mary Pike
Elizabeth Pomeroy
Paulita Neal and Ted Pounder
Julie Povolo
Jonnie Powers
Gordon and Dorothy Prouty
Dr. Robert Provenzano & Dr. Mary Beth Hardwicke
George and Carol Quarderer
Marvin Radtke, Jr
Mary Pat Randall
Celia Ransom
Janette Ransom
Thomas and Peggy Rattray
Allan Rau
Timothy and Laura Raubinger
Garnett Raymond
Susanne Redburn
Dale and Ula Redd
Redeemer Lutheran Church of Interlochen
George & Linda Reinbold
Norman and Carol Reinke
Rennhack Electric, Inc.
Richard and Hedy Rewalt
Ric’s Food Center
John and Lynna Ritch
Janet Robb
Grant Robinson
Jack and Joan Robinson
Michael and Dayna Robinson
Richard and Lynn Robinson
Tom and Susan Robinson
Amanda and Dean Roelofs
Lee & Patricia Roggen
Rejeanne Rollo
The Romano Family
Eric and Tracee Rosema
Walter and Patricia Ross
Rotary Charities of Traverse City
Kenneth Roth
Eileen Ruginis
Rumpled Quilts Kin
Barbara Sandys
Lynda Schleede
Theresa Schleede
Harold Schmidt
Art & Mary Schmuckal Family Foundation
Kenneth and Linda Schopieray
Victor and Esther Schroeder
Schworm Excavating, Inc.
Victoria Sciberras
Molly Scott
Phil & Colleen Seney
Serra Family Foundation
Serra Foundation
Douglas Severson and Miriam Geraghty
David P. Sheetz Foundation
Stephanie Shepard
Robert and Elizabeth Sherry
Beverly Shillington
Benjamin Shipman
Don and Susan Shipman
Robert and Terri Shoemaker
Ronald and Jane Shoup
Nancy Shreve
Leslie Sickterman
Dennis and Sharon Siladke
Andy Skerik
Lynette Skimin
Sleeping Bear Motor Sports
Donna and Tom Sloan
Colin and Dana Robinson Slote
Carl Smith
Cash and Vicky Smith
Jack and Gail Smith
Julie Smith
Marilyn Smith
Sandra Smith
Eric Snoek and Theresa Hullinger
Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.
Victoria Southworth
Rebecca Spaulding
Spence Brothers Construction
Robert Spence III
Brad & Karen Spencer
Aaron Stander & Mary K. Monteith
Staples Foundation
Deborah Starnes
Thomas and Eugenia Steel
Michelle Steele
William Steffler
Elfriede Steigerwald
Rosalie Stempin
Catherine & Clarence Stephenson
Christa Stephenson
Dianne and Ross Stephenson
John and Claire Stephenson
Victor and Marlene Stoeffler
Bonnie Strand
Brant Strand
Margaret Strong
Charles J. Strosacker Foundation
Anne Stull
Subway of Interlochen (T & W Management)
Greg and Mary Jo Surma
Leo Sweetman
George and Amy Tabbert
Carl and Eleanor Tacke
Dean and Claire Taglioli
Robert and Patricia Tallman
Philip and Susan Tarczon
Thirlby Automotive of Interlochen
Joshua and Jennifer Thomet
Carolyn Hall Thompson
Craig and Pirjo Thompson
Oliver and Barbara Thompson
Richard and Carol J. Thompson
Robert and Patricia Thompson
Donald Thomson
John Timothy Jr., M.D.
Bart and Laura Tinsley
Sarah Titus and Scott Tarczon
Joy and John Tobin
Patrick Tobin
Cynthia Tomlinson
Tom’s Food Market
Bruce and Anna Toms
Harry A. & Margaret D. Towsley Foundation
John Trezise
David and Lynn Troutman
Gordon and Kathryn Tulgestke
Carl and Suzanne Van Appledorn
Martin and Janet Van Dyke
John and Jeanne VanderMeer
The Variano Family
Benjamin Vernia and L. Carol Ritchie
Jeffrey and Patricia Verona
Diane Vidovic
Beverly Viilo
Rhea Von der Hoff
Donald and Kathleen Wagner
Melinda Wagner
Susan Walker
Dick and Candice Wallace
Douglas and Ann Wallace
Kathy Walthorn
Dr. Larry and Renee Wareck
Lee Warnaar
Jaime Weidner
Jane Weisbrodt
Del and Evelyn Weliver
Michael and Jessica West
Rod and Patricia West
James and Susan Whaley
James and Beverly Wheaton
Rodney and Amelia Whitbeck
Maurice and Linda White
Rebecca White & Marlo Johanson
Bob and Jodie Wick
Matthew Wiliford
Clara Willacker
Williams Chevrolet – Honda
Williams Distributing
Tim and Gwen Willson
Barb and Ron Wilson
William and Gina Wischmeyer
Julia Wise
David and Jennifer Wohlfert
Mary A. Wohlfert
Robert and Alecia Woodrick
William Woods
Doug and Margaret Wozniak
Bill and Lin Wright
Charlotte Wuepper
Christine Wurst
Masako Yamauchi
Georgia and Leroy Young
Julie Young and Lee Wyatt
Francis and Carol Zack
Ivan and Martha Zahn
Elden and Carole Zang
John and Doreen Zappia
Janet Zerbel
Patricia Ziebron
Zrimec and Wick
Jay and Judy Zrimec